• Chinese Study

    The study room can be said to be the uniquespiritual space of the Chinese people, whichbeenentrusted to countless peoplehasthroughout the ages. The ideal, feelings andelegance of literati.

  • The Relic

    Human beings have been devoted to theexploration of mysterious ancient civilizations, and they have been lost in the dust ofhistory , but it has never been forgotten.

  • Oriental Garden

    Taking advantage of the landscape art ofclassical gardens in the south of the YangtzeRiver, it is fixed on the landscape of rocks andwaters, which reflects the profound artisticconception that Chinese culture takes thenatural approach and transcends nature.

  • bryce

    Bryce Cai, a Shanghai-born designer & artist, began his pioneering work with interiors but has expanded to include furniture, objects and various art forms. Ever in pursuit of stunning beauty, Cai's work utilizes design-thinking to create conceptually intriguing pieces that fuse quality, utility and pure aesthetics.

  • aaajiaoo

    It's the alias of artist Xu Wenkai, and his fictional online avatar.

  • aijing

    Ai Jing, known as "the poetess of Chinese folk songs", started painting in 1999, and then moved to new york to study contemporary art.

  • About FULI

    FULI believes in 'Creativity and Craftsmanship'. It preserves the essence of traditional handcrafts, and embraces the diversity of modern technique.